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How to Develop Your Website With Adelphos Books


he goal for your website creation is to add you presense to the world wide web and make it so that searches will place you in the top 10 results. You may want to attract potential customers, membership growth, introduce your business, or simply have a place for your family reunion pics of any other personal or sentimental gallery.

Not everybody is connected to Social Networking like Facebook, Twitter, or other sites. A website ensures anyone with internet access can find you. Read through these helpful suggestions and let us know how we can help you!

Steps to a Hassle Free Website Creation:

  1. Please read all these steps.
  2. Go through these sample pages for ideas and offerings for backgrounds, website looks, fonts, colors, and photo galleries.
  3. Look at other websites that are similar to your idea or concept online.
  4. Feel free to send us a link to these sites using our contact form. CLICK
  5. Be sure to look over our 'Web Design Contract' and 'Design Services Rate Chart.'


    1. FIRST: Purchase your website 'domain' and hosting if you haven't done so. CLICK
    2. SECOND: Choose your Website Template: CLICK
    3. THIRD: Choose your Background Pattern or specify a color: CLICK
    4. FOURTH: Choose a Photo Gallery: CLICK
    5. FIFTH: Choose one or two Fonts: CLICK
    6. SIXTH: Fill out the Website Creation Questions: CLICK